Damian McLaughlin

About me

For me Design has always been about exploration. The mapping of ideas and concepts, identifying and reacting to pitfalls, understanding the direction and communicating the journey with those around me. Development of initial ideas will always take form with pen and paper.

A brief History

My name is Damian Mclaughlin and I always thought I would be an Artist taking influence from my late grandfather who was a professional Cartoonist and Artist. From caricaturing I experimented with Painting, Illustration and Design. Finally focusing on 3D design at College. I majored In 3D-Design : Product Design at University. Half expecting to become the next northern Phillipe Stark it was evident there was a hard path to success. So I moved to London, cutting my teeth in Exhibition Graphics as a MAC operator.

With a strong¬†understanding of print and the Industries software I moved into a designer role at Z-CARD Ltd. Working within a small bustling studio, that demanded creative excellence across all design projects. Since leaving Z-CARD I have been developing my skills in the freelance sector. From small SME’s; offering studio support to private commissions on brand projects and logo development.